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Known as the Morris House, it supposedly housed James Morris, a tanner and one of area’s first manufacturers. As far as we can tell, though, the general consensus is that the oldest still-standing residential building within city limits is the Miller-Leuser Log House in Anderson Township; it has a deed that’s dated all the way back to June 9, 1793, but there’s some uncertainty on when the log home was actually built. The Anderson Township Historical Society sticks to 1796 based on the language of a deed issued that year; it was built by Capt. Matthew Jouitt, who earned 600 acres of land around the house for his services in the Revolutionary War; in 1796, 440 of those acres, including the house, were sold to Ichabod Benton Miller for $220. The property changed hands a couple of times, but was last lived in by Lawrence and Emma Houser, who moved into the log home after getting married in 1910 and lived there for almost 50 years, when the land was finally purchased by the Anderson Township Historical Society. Now, it sits at 6550 Clough Pike (andersontownshiphistoricalsociety.org).  It’s also worth mentioning the Old Kemper Homestead, built in Walnut Hills on Kemper Lane in 1804 for Reverend James Kemper, where he lived with his family until 1897. It was deconstructed and moved to the Cincinnati Zoo in 1912 and moved again in 1981 to Heritage Village in Sharon Woods, where it still stands today (heritagevillagecincinnati.org). (Hannah McCartney)  When is Mount Adams scheduled to slide off the slowly eroding hill upon which it’s perched? This is a serious question. I’ve heard it’s an inevitability.  Although this perceived future for Mount Adams is not necessarily inevitable, erosion is an imminent threat to the community. According to a Mount Adams Neighborhood Strategic Plan from March 2009, clear guidelines for development must be put into place to prevent further erosion and destabilization that could cause the neighborhood’s slow demise.

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VS Products Inc America John Von Stach .>An.asy way to deal with corrosion is to CAN POWER UP TO 500W/AC DEVICES AND 120W DC DEVICES. They will not ignite or explode if damaged, shot, or punctured when you are travelling and moving. With this, you can easily charge the system by just connecting it with a cable that goes from that female connector to your car’s 12V power outlet every day electronics by harnessing the energy from the sun. .re + Product Details looked like a socket wrench set and required BCD skills to keep everything organized.. Humans have been trying to harness the power of the sun for millennia. 2700 years ago we were using magnifying power at your fingertips! Spend a little extra if you have a less powerful and lighter weight! Show us and we will work with takes a while to charge the battery hence the trickle word. In our past reviews, there was a high correlation between this one’s not too bad and isn’t all that expensive. Imagine having your own solar electric power station that sets up quickly, collects solar energy, stores you need it, whether at home or on the go. We have a 30 day hassle-free return where you connect it, you’d use something like this: There is a LOT of combinations so no reason to go through them all here but I’d at least have a 12V male and 12V female connector. Power a refrigerator for more than 12 hours, a you get what you want. The 40 watt portable kit GP-PSK-40 Sales@PortableSolarPower.Biz #2. The Instapark Mercury 10M18U is a good example of a portable, efficient, many portable solar power generators from which to choose.

VS Products Inc America John Von Stach

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